Max Stothard

We have received the following message from Sir Peter Stothard that veterans may find interesting:

Members who remember my father, Max Stothard, may be interested to read the current issue of Granta Magazine . .online link  . . .which has a memoir of him and the early days of the Marconi estate from my book, On The Spartacus Road, which is published this week.


Thanks and best wishes. Peter Stothard


BAE Pensions

We recently received the folllowing e-mail from one of our veterans:

I am wondering if you might be able to assist please?

I was contacted in November last year by BAE Pensions (Xchanging) to be informed that they have found in an audit that they have made an error in calculating my pension which I took out 3 years ago. As a result I have been asked to repay approx £3,000 and take a drop in my monthy pension by £30 per month.

I believe that there may be other pensioners that will be in a similar situation and I’d like to try to contact them.

It is difficult to try to take professional advice on such a sum as the costs would far exceed the amounts involved. So far I am dealing with The Pensions Advisory Service who are being helpful in trying to understand how such errors happen? (apparently they are not uncommon!)

I am in the process of contacting all and sundry to seek some assistance so if you have some contacts on the BAE Pension Scheme I’d be most grateful. As the old Marconi Pension has been absorbed by so many other companies it is more complicated than many.

Thanking you in advance.

In the present circumstances it is impossible for the Marconi Veterans Association to offer any direct assistance in this matter. We have no legal expertise within the organisation.   However, if any other Veterans have had similar problems with the BAE Pension Scheme it may be that a small group acting together could acheive a satisfactory solution to the problem.

So, if anyone with a similar problem would like to contact us we will put you all in contact with each other.