Newsletter 2010


Coaster design competition

On page 12 Peter Turrall makes mention of a competition to design a coaster for the 2011 reunion and suggested possible themes:

The seventy-fifth anniversary of the first annual veterans’ reunion.
The one hundredth anniversary of the publication by Campbell Swinton of ideas for ‘distant electric vision’.
The one hundredth anniversary of the formation of the Marconi Press Agency, publisher of ‘The Marconigraph’ and its longlived successor ‘Wireless World’.
The one hundredth anniversary of the acquisition of the New Street site.

Veterans are invited to submit their ideas, a detailed design is not necessary, although it won’t be disqualified from consideration; the committee is simply looking for an outline on which the detailed design can be based.  The deadline for submissions to the secretary, Barry Powell, is by this year’s reunion on Saturday 17th April.  They will be judged at the committee meeting following the reunion, early in May. The winner will be notified accordingly, and the result published on the website. No prizes, just the kudos of being the originator of the design of the 2011 coaster.

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