Newsletter 2010


Moves to relocate Marconi Statue

There was news in May last year of a new move in Chelmsford to have the Marconi statue moved from where it languishes behind the bus station to a more prominent position in the town centre.

The idea of having the statue in the town centre was suggested many years ago by the Essex Chronicle when it was still in the foyer of Essex Record Office.  (This report is in our website archive for May 2004.) The move to the town centre was rekindled by the Dean of Chelmsford, the Very Reverend Peter Judd, in his sermon during the service to re-dedicate the Marconi Memorial Plaque on 26th April.

The thrust for the move was been taken up again by the Chronicle and in the edition for 21st May the paper had most of the front page and two other pages on the subject, including the possibility that the Hall Street works may be used as a cultural centre now that Anglian Water are selling the property.  The Essex Chronicle articles can be found at Lets-Marconi-limelight/article-1021870-detail/article.html  and

In addition, a petition was started to request the statue be moved.  The petition titled ‘Save Marconi Heritage’ can be found at:-   However, on the 29th January 2010 it had only 139 signatures, and twelve of those were duplicates.  Peter Turrall has a book with 120 in it but considerably more than this is needed to have any hope of influencing opinion!