Newsletter 2011

Remember the days when ……..

….you could show your Marconi ID card in a shop and get a discount?

I had forgotten them too, until I went to buy a new car. At the showroom, we were struggling to bridge the gap between the price of the car and what I could afford to pay. We then got to talking about who I had worked for before I retired and, when I said that I had worked for SELEX Communications, suddenly there was an extra discount available from Vauxhall.

Apparently there is a ‘Partners’ scheme whereby employees and pensioners of certain companies receive a discount from the list price of a new car before you start beating the dealer down.

So, if you want to buy a new Vauxhall, go to County Motors and ask if you qualify for the extra discount under the Partners Scheme. I think BAE was another of the companies and it shouldn’t be too difficult to link Marconi Communications with its new name of SELEX. Mention The Marconi Veterans’ Association if you do and, maybe, Vauxhall will make us a Partner.

It makes me wonder if there are any other traders who would still give discount to employees (past and present) of the old Marconi empire. Although I doubt it in these difficult times, it might be worth asking.