Newsletter 2011


A number of letters are from correspondents seeking information about former colleagues for research into their family history, or for the preparation of articles, books, etc. If no contact detail appears with the letter please direct your reply or any correspondence for the enquirer to: Barry Powell, Secretary, Marconi Veterans’ Association, 22 Juliers Close, Canvey Island, Essex, SS8 7EP; 01268 696342; or to the editor, Ken Earney, 01245 381235; email

Family history researchers – please give at least the names and initials of the person you are asking about. Asking only if anyone can supply information about ‘my grandfather who was a radio officer in the ‘40s’ is not going to yield a result!

Some items in this issue are responses to articles or letters appearing in the 2010 edition which have already been posted during the last eleven months on the website. There is thus an inevitable duplication to cater for those Veterans having no access to the internet. Note that enquiries via the website are fielded in the first instance by webmaster Chris Gardiner who provides an initial response if he is in a position to do so. This may be all that is needed. If not, he passes the query on to other committee members for further assistance. In those cases, the original enquiry together with his response and his name as the informant will appear. He is not trying to hog the limelight!

Finally note that, to avoid unnecessary repetition of the Association’s name in full, the initials MVA have been used.