Newsletter 2012

An outing to the Farnborough Air Show in 1954?

Roger Sweny produced the original of this photo at last year’s reunion in the hope that some Veterans might identify more of the Airadio DO, Writtle workshop and admin staff than he has managed so far. Most of the names below have been provided by Geoff Pearce, who believes it was at the start of a visit to the SBAC air show at Farnborough, most likely in 1954.

From Airadio DO: 2 Roger Sweny, 3 Peter Reader, 5 Gordon Harris, 7 Ron Moore, 12 ?Fred Swain?, 14 Geoff Pearce, 15 John Moody, 18 Albert (Steve) Millen, 20 Dick Finch, 21 Ken Bevell, 22 Arthur Wagstaff, 23 Ray Archer, 25 Peter McKenzie ‘Ukelele Geordie Pete’, 26 Arthur Gosling.

From Writtle workshops and admin: 4, 6, 8, 9, 13 Mrs Fenner, 16, 19 Bill Nurse, 24 Dudley Shearman – Site Secretary and probable trip organiser, 27 John Rash.

Name and department unidentified: 1, 10,11, 17.