Newsletter 2012

WWII radar parts for the Canadian War Museum

From Robin Webb, Almonte, Ontario, Canada
(via the MOGS Forum), 23 December 2011

Bill VE3AAS, a ham radio friend of mine (now in his 90s but you wouldn’t believe it) is involved in putting together an exhibit at the Canadian War Museum here in Ottawa. The exhibit is to show the development of airborne and ground-based radar that was used in Canada and where Canadian forces were deployed. Bill was assigned to the UK at the early part of the war (RCAF) to help with radar development. (I just found out that he knew Bill Quill).

The members of the team constructing the exhibit are looking for WWII hardware to show what was involved. Searches in Canada have not proved fruitful. A lot of the hardware came from the UK I understand.

Do any MOGS members (Roy for instance) know of any source of items that could be loaned or donated to the museum?

Information about the museum can be accessed if you Google ‘Canadian War Museum’.

(They are making contact with IWM Duxford, ADRM Neatishead, Bawdsey Radar in connection with the search, and Roy Simons has replied via MOGS with suggestions to further their enquiries. If any Veteran can assist in any way please email Robin directly: Ed.)