Newsletter 2012

Seeking Michael Reid

From Rozamund Waring, NSW, Australia, April 2011

I am trying to find Michael Reed (Reid) whom I knew in my youth. I have little to go on except that he was training in radio/radar technology in 1954-55. He spent a lot of time in the Essex area, sometimes with young army officers. On one occasion on a weekend visit to friends in Chelmsford we visited Marlow(?) to see the Marconi Radar station. (Her diary of the time says “…went to Marlow AND the Marconi Radar station.” She thinks the radar station would have to have been at a reasonable distance from the Chelmsford area. Ed.) He would now be in his late 70s. He was amusing, witty and clever and frequently would say “The Count and I were laughing”. He was active in musicals etc. The family home at the time was in Northumberland.

I thought because he was in a related field to Marconi technology there might be a chance that one of your ‘Geezers’ may have known him even if he worked for a different organization. Sadly there are quite a few Michael Reids throughout England which isn’t helping. I know this is a long shot but I would be indebted if you could ask if any of the members of the Society has knowledge of or may recall him.

I would be most grateful for any help or suggestions you may offer. Some companies have staff records going way back but how to find them? I wish the Society and its hearty members the very best from Down Under.