Marconi Mark 7 Television Camera

We have received the following communication from Paul Bicknell of Sussex and hope that veterans may be able to help.

I have just found a Marconi Mk. 7 colour camera head and lens in an old barn; I am trying to get all the parts together so that it can be made to work again.  Could any of your members help with any of the missing parts so that I can get it working again

Marconi Mk. 7  camera items wanted

Service manuals Volume 2 & 3
CCU Power Supply
Engineers hand control
Cameraman’s hand control
Camera blanking plate for when lenses is not fitted
Special Tools e.g. for setting up the registration
G101 cable short length 10 meters long
G101 set of connectors to shorten long length of cable
Vinton pan and tilt hand arm for pan and tilt

Paul Bicknell
South Coast
Tel:  07719 208048