Newsletter 2013

Marconi Day at Sandford Mill

Saturday 27th April

Marconi Day – Sat 27th April, Sandford Mill’s annual celebration of Marconi’s birthday. Combining two events – International Marconi day, for which CARS will set up a special event radio station (voice and morse) contacting radio amateurs worldwide, and Sandford Mill’s first public open day of the year. Visitors can come and see not only the special radio stations, but also the historic 1922 Marconi broadcasting hut, a range of reconstructed ship’s wireless cabins from the 1900s to the 1970s, a wide variety of Marconi equipment as well as collections from Chelmsford’s other historic firms. There will be a special display on ship’s radio officers and a new model of Marconi’s steam yacht Elettra. Hands-on activities for families include mechanical morse sending and fun with sound, light and electricity. This year the event coincides with the AGM of the Radio Officers’ Association, which is being held in Chelmsford on the 27th April.