Newsletter 2013

And the Editor’s two penn’orth

A very difficult issue to deal with this year. I slipped over on somebody’s wet driveway a couple of weeks before Christmas which resulted in a severely bruised hip and pelvis which is taking a long time to mend. Very uncomfortable for sitting on an office swivel chair for hours on end, compounded by a cough resulting from a chest infection which gives the painful area a good kicking every so often. So I despaired of getting this edition ready by the end of January as promised – but things are now definitely on the mend and I’ll only overshoot by a day or two.

Two weeks ago it was proving difficult to make something of and I felt it was going to be very slim, but since then much more has materialised. We have a number of Clifden related items in the issue, and some fascinating reminiscences of Sir Robert (Bob) Telford of his wartime experience of running the Hackbridge works, and a memoir of VE day from Pam Reynolds, formerly of the New Street Publicity Department, editing and contributing to a number of house magazines and a stalwart of the Marconi Dramatic Society (remember their productions in the old Marconi club house in Victoria Road?).

Finally, whilst filling the last few small awkward gaps I realized I have been guilty of something for which I am always criticizing broadcasters, government ministers and officials, MPs and numerous others on radio and TV. That is the now customary practice of saying “For further information go to our website,, You can contact us by emailing at , or tweet us at @abctweet using the hashtag WhatsAHashtag” – all gobbledygook to a significant minority of the population of these islands who have no access, for whatever reason, to the internet. How are they supposed to get in touch in this bright new digital age? So I feel a little guilty over including on various pages the links to a number of websites carrying very interesting material about the history of our companies and the individuals associated with them. If the fortunate folk among us can help any veteran not internet enabled by inviting them in for a look at an item on their computer screen, or could print off an item for them, they’d no doubt be very appreciative.