Writtle, New Street and Guys Farm…….AN APPEAL!

Hi all, many of you are familiar with my work on radio station 2MT at Writtle.  This note comes as a three way appeal – firstl, I am helping the Writtle Historic Society with their large project to document Writtle over 2000 years – so what they need is anyone who can supply information about the Marconi site and its activities at Writtle between 1925 and 1980…I have the periods 1919-1924 and 1980 to 1988 covered (but please always send anything new!) but the rest requires more research.  I have already put some bits together but please send any memories, photos, thoughts etc. to timwander@compuserve.com

As usual please don’t worry about format or style, spelling or punctuation I will sort all that out and I now have a excellent proof reader who now helps me out – which leads me on to the second part.

The 2010 2MT Writtle book is due an automatic makeover and typo fix as part of the publishing deal within five years of publication.  I have now had the text fully proof read (better late than never) and since its publication I have also received many letters, new documents and photos relating to the story.  SO…this is not a please buy another copy advert but more a the story will be updated and fixed and corrected so that in 100 years time it will be the best it could be and yes the New Street story is also within the five years edit – it has also been proofread and I have been tracking and recording the ongoing demolition.  So…again anything you can think of relating to the early days of Broadcasting or New Street through the ages or anything you would like recorded forever, your best stories or memories, please let me know.


The third appeal was in relation to Guys Farm in Writtle – I worked there between 1983 and 1986 and know it was in use by Marconi’s in 1962-1963. The rest is again a bit of a black hole. If you know anything please write it down and send it to me – I am not sure where this will go – the Writtle history society will archive all information – but I think it is important that someone writes it down.


Tim Wander.