In Memoriam

We regret to report the deaths of the following Veterans and extend our sympathy to the families of those mentioned.

J F Bacon1940
L C Bearcroft1965
B A Bingley1962
P W Buers1944
C S Burnham1951
J P Candler1957
D S Carlile1951
E C Clark1948
D I H Clements1952
B J Everitt1948
B J Hazelton1940
A T Humphrey1956
J Kurdelski1951
M E Lewis1962
D B Manning1937
Mrs B E Maltby1946
S R Moore1955
B E R Munday1961
J C Playle1950
R R Porter1944
K R Shaughnessy1955
R W Taylor1948
G F White1954

This list was correct on 24 October 2016  and supersedes the list published on 9 March 2016

We have intentionally kept this page as simple as possible and provide no details of the deceased.  However, where we have biographical details of a person and/or funeral details these will be published under the Notices tab above.