Newsletter 2002

Have you got any of these?

To ensure the Marconi Memorabilia at the Chelmsford Industrial Museum is furnished with as many items as possible, we have been asked to obtain the following items:
1.    Marconi Equipment or Lapel Badges
2.    Any clearly marked Marconi Equipment, particularly the old crystal sets
3.    Marconi Equipment Handbooks
4.    Photographs and letters especially if they include our Founder
5.    Wartime items such as Works passes or similar
6.    Old Newspapers reporting Marconi activities pre Wars and during the Wars
7.    Marconi Books or presentation brochures issued at various Anniversaries
All the above should be advised to the Editor who will ensure their safe keeping at The Chelmsford Industrial Museum. Please ensure that if you have any of these items you make provision for their preservation after you depart from this life by making in your will a gift of them to the Museum.
This Newsletter has been compiled and edited by Peter Turrall MBE who would be delighted to receive inputs for the next issue. He can be contacted at his home address which is 96 Patching Hall Lane, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 4DB, UK.