Newsletter 2002

Marconi £2 UK Coins

These were on sale at the April 2001 Re-union and all stocks have now been sold. The only way to obtain one now is through the Banks or specialist coin sales outlets.
The coin will be on general circulation in October 2001.
It is interesting to note that the name of Marconi is only around the rim of the coin instead where we had hoped it would be on the reverse face. Apparently this is because the design of three different coins were adjudged by readers of the Radio Times some 18 months ago in a competition set up by the Royal Mint.
Royal Mint were advised by Princess Elettra and ourselves that it would have been more appropriate to have our Founders face on one side of the coin. The Italian banknotes which are in general circulation have his face on one of the sides.
It is interesting to note that Canada is issuing a coin shortly which does have the face of our Founder on one of its sides.