Newsletter 2002

Marconi Units in Chelmsford

Many of you will know that EEV Ltd., changed its name some two years ago when GEC-Marconi was dissolved. It ended up as Marconi Applied Technology Systems (MATS). Now it is known as M.Tech and still based at Waterhouse Lane Chelmsford. According to reports they are doing good business internationally and more recently supplied Infra Red Cameras to the New York Fire Service to help find victims of that terrible catastrophe in the World Trade Centre.
Marconi Mobile are still in New Street where just under 500 people are employed. They had hoped to transfer all staff to Waterhouse Lane where the old Studio Development Labs and factory have been completely gutted leaving only a shell. It is rumoured that rebuilding work has stopped because of lack of finance. Will it ever start again?
The Grapevine also mentions that New Street will be sold off. The front building is the subject of a preservation order. It is alleged the four storey Marconi House will be turned into flats and the factory buildings demolished to make way for light Industrial Units. Uncertainty exists for Building 720 which has the large unsupported wavy roof.