Newsletter 2009


Marconi Veterans website

Chris Gardiner, Webmaster

When we set up the site in 2004 the Marconi Company wished to maintain ownership of the Marconi name and registered the domains and, then allowing the Association to use the domains exclusively for our web site. This website has been hosted completely separately from the Marconi system and all users of the site have been redirected to the host without realising it.
This host became unavailable on 1st February and we now have move to a new one. Unfortunately, Marconi Corporation no longer exists so the domain names are in limbo and there is no one who can redirect them to the new host. We are currently trying to resolve the problem through the administrators of the domain names but in the interim we have registered (direct to the MVA committee) the domain names and in order to keep the web site active. This new site will be active by the time you read this.

The new web site will be quite different from the present one and will have more interactivity with the possibility for veterans to post messages direct to the site.

Now that Barry Powell has moved away from Chelmsford, I have created new forwarding email addresses to facilitate website users’ access the secretary, chairman, committee members, webmaster and the editor.

They are as follows:- (for the editor, Ken Earney) or .com in all cases (for all committee members, excluding the treasurer).