Newsletter 2009

In Memoriam

We have reported the deaths of Veterans over the last year on the web site.  To review the postings please go to the “In Memoriam” category.

Three obituaries are printed below.

Reg Theobald

From his son, Clive Theobald

I should like to record the death of our late father, Reg Theobald, on 13th September 2008 at the age of 95.

First registered in your handbook in 1927 I see, he started work with The Marconi Wireless Company in 1914 after leaving school, initially within its shipping department and subsequently within its packaging department with Marconi Communications. His surviving sisters recall him putting together what was believed to be the first radio set within Ford End, fitting perhaps of his practical aptitude. Our father later went on to become Chief of Package Design at New Street before finally retiring from Marconi’s in 1978 after putting in (we think) sixty years loyal service. It was very pleasing to see a couple of his previous work colleagues attend the funeral and express some kind words about him considering he had been retired thirty years!

WR ‘Dickie’ Dunderdale MBE

Tom Gutteridge

To all who may have found themselves in the Middle East in the late sixties and early seventies – passing through Beirut in particular – will have known and enjoyed the association with Dickie Dunderdale.

Sadly he has just died at about 93 years of age in his home area of Lancashire.

Although not a Marconi Veteran in respect of long service, this period of time was a quite intense period of business activity in the Middle East and he will be remembered for the expert knowledge and assistance he gave to the Marconi Company and all the ‘visiting firemen’ passing through the Marconi Office in Beirut which he headed.

Charles Rand MBE

Late Chairman, Marconi Veterans’ Association

Charles ‘Charlie’ Rand died in Broomfield Hospital in March 2008 following a fairly long illness which he endured with much strength and determination. His funeral service was held in St Andrew’s Church, Chignal Road Chelmsford, and the congregation was so great that many people had to stand outside. His cremation following the service with family present was at Writtle Road opposite to where he worked for many years.

Charles was employed at the original Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Company at New Street as an apprentice. Following National Service in the RAF, he returned to the company and advanced through a number of engineering roles to the position of Chief Production Engineer at Marconi Radar Systems in Writtle Road, Chelmsford.

During his time with the company, he carried out many duties, responsibility for the Marconi Radar carnival floats being one of the more unusual. He was also a member of the Company Charity Committee and Marconi Veterans’ Association, being chairman for many years.

Outside the company he was very active in the field of football management and was honoured in this respect by becoming President of one of the local leagues which he helped form.

His greatest honour was the MBE, awarded in January 2008, which was presented by HRH Prince Charles at a ceremony in Buckingham Palace last February. This was an honour richly deserved for all he did for local football.

Charles leaves a wife Betty and two daughters to whom we extend our sympathy.

Peter Turrall