Newsletter 2009

Marconi memories

The response from veterans to the request to write down and send in, for later publication, memories of their Marconi experiences has been very disappointing. Only two positive replies have been received from over 1,500 veterans who receive our newsletter. This is a great shame because there are so many people with memories of working for Marconi that will be lost forever unless written down.

This is our final appeal for you to write down your memories, no matter how small, and send them either to secretary Barry Powell or editor Ken Earney. They will be published ‘as is’. If we have enough support, in 18 months time we will have a book for sale.

Smaller organisations than Marconi have managed it, so it must be the case that, with 100 years of business behind us, a lot of memories exist.

You have until the end of 2009 to prepare your contribution – please do think about it.