Newsletter 2009

Marconi New Street, Chelmsford

Peter Turrall

newstreet2Planning permission has been given to Ashwells of Cambridge to develop the Marconi site which includes the demolition of Marconi House and Building 720 and construction of three multistorey blocks of flats, small shops and houses etc. This is conditional on the developers carrying out certain projects in the town including redevelopment of Chelmsford Railway Station and a road from New Street through the complex to the railway station. Also included is for the main building fronting New Street to house a heritage centre, something the MVA has been pushing for, working very closely with the developers’ advisors and consultants. Originally this was considered but not included in the original submission. We are pleased this is now included but unfortunately due to the credit crunch, the development of this site and the opening of the Marconi Heritage Centre has been delayed. It is thought it will be at least five years before anything significant happens.

To ensure artefacts and ephemera already collected by MVA members are not lost, these have been handed over to Chelmsford Industrial Museum at Sandford Mill where they will be catalogued and stored. A provision has been made that, should the heritage centre be opened in the future, then any of these items will be made available for exhibition or examination.

Marconi Veterans feel that age is against those most keen on preserving our heritage, and unless younger Veterans come along and pursue the possibility of opening a heritage centre, then this opportunity will be lost for ever. We are therefore appealing to Veterans to come forward and offer support to continue the preservation of the heritage of this once world renowned and famous company.

Artefacts and ephemera held by Veterans may be handed over to the Chelmsford Industrial Museum for safe keeping and you are urged to ensure that after your death, adequate arrangements are made to ensure this happens. MVA committee members will assist you when required in this matter.