Newsletter 1999

Let’s Talk About Money

The Annual, Marconi Veterans Re-Union. and Lunch is self financing each year. However, all other activities including running an office for our Secretary sending out letters, photocopying, postage, heat and light all cost money.  Fortunately we have had support from the Companies in the Chelmsford area but with the sale by GEC of the Defence activities to British Aerospace, a large number of the Chelmsford Companies no longer have Marconi connections and finance from them is likely to disappear.  We must look to the future and in this connection, office accommodation elsewhere might have to be found as well funding for all the activities mentioned above.

One thing we might have to do is to levy a subscription charge for all members of The Marconi Veterans Association.  This could be an annual charge of say £5 which in this day and age is very small in comparison to Subs charged by other organisations.  This matter will be discussed at the next Marconi Veterans Association Re-union and Lunch Annual General Meeting in April 2000 at MASC.