Newsletter 1999

How do you become a Marconi Veteran?

The answer is you must have completed 25 years within a Marconi Unit. The Constitution is quite clear on this and although currently some Companies within the Marconi Group are giving their employees Long Service Awards. Many years less than 25, these people are not eligible to become Marconi Veterans until they complete the full 25 years.

Names of Companies change over the years and you will see later that GEC no longer wish to use their name but will now call themselves Marconi.  This does not mean that any person employed by GEC for 25 years is eligible to become a Marconi Veteran.

A register of all eligible people is usually kept by the various Personnel Departments of each Company, but sometimes with changing people in these departments we are not always told of those who are eligible.  If you know of somebody who has escaped the net then please tell our Secretary who will check the records and advise accordingly.