Newsletter 1999

Did you know other re-unions take place each year?

Members of the old Marconi Communication Systems Broadcasting Division meet each October at the Marconi Athletic and Social Club to renew acquaintances and discuss old times.  Over 100 people regularly attend.  It started off as the Studio Re-union for members of the Studio Section but as time progressed it included the Transmitter Section.  The organisation for this excellent event is undertaken by Bryan Everitt and John Scott.

They have everything down to a. “T” with lapel labels/badges and names and addresses of all past members of the Division, which at the time was under the management of Tom Mayer. CBE who is now retired but still involved in a number of activities both in the UK and overseas.  Tom as far as is possible attends most of the Annual get-togethers.

P.S. This Newsletter is being sent to all members of the Studio Group in an effort to bring them up to date with news of the Company and to encourage them to come to the Marconi Veterans Annual Re-union and Lunch if they are eligible.

The next Studio and Transmitter reunion is at MASC on Friday 29th September 2000.

Another Re-union also takes place at the Marconi Athletic and Social Club is that of Marconi Marine.  In the old days, this Company was called Marconi International Marine Company with separate offices in many parts of the world. This Company was formed by our founder in 1900 and in 2000 celebrated its centenary of formation.
As modern ships were built the requirement for Radio Officers grew less and so the Company was reduced to a much smaller operation.  MIMCO as it was affectionately known was absorbed into the old GEC Marconi Communication Company and became a division with the name Marconi Marine.

marineEach year a celebration takes place to which all members of Marconi Marine are eligible to attend.  If you would like more details please contact Pat Cole or Derek Ward at Marconi Marine – Tel: 01245 353221.