Contact us or colleagues

If you wish to contact a colleague perhaps we can help.

First it is sensible to search the lists of veterans via the “members” page to see if their name appears.  If so, it it possible that we have their address.  Write a letter to the person you are trying to contact, place it in a stamped UNADDRESSED and UNSEALED envelope and send it with a few details about the person (where they worked and when will help us to ensure that your letter is sent to the right address) to :-

The Secretary (Search)
The Marconi Veterans Association
41 Sunrise Avenue

Tel: 01245 267696

If we have an address for your colleague, we will address the envelope to them and post it.

If we have no address we will address the envelope to you and return your letter.

We regret that, for confidentiality reasons, we are unable to give out addresses directly and that it is not practicable for us to deal with passing on messages via the telephone.

Alternatively, you may send a message via e-mail to and we will forward it if we have an e-mail address for them; but please be aware that we have very few e-mail addresses of members.  By sending a colleague a message it is deemed that we have your permission to pass on your own e-mail address to the colleague.

Other contacts

If you have a general enquiry or comment please contact the secretary at the address given in the above paragraphs.  For specific comments members of the committee can be contacted directly as follows:


Newsletter editor:


Membership enquiries:


5 Replies to “Contact us or colleagues”

  1. Hi … Everybody …

    I am trying to contact folk who worked at Marconi Space & Defence in the 70’s in Portmouth …

  2. Hi
    Do you have speakers that go out and give talks to groups We live at Keene Memorial Homes Broomfield Rd Chelmsford and usually meet in our Hall Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings and residents would be interested in a talk on Marconi. If this is possible please call 01245 349384 Barbara and would you require a donation

  3. My father-in-law, Douglas Arthur Chilver has recently died. He worked for Marconi for 50 years. Whilst going through his effects his wife and daughter found two illuminated certificates for his father, Arthur Chilver, one after 44 years service and another on retirement at 47 years service in 1958. They are coloured and in good condition. Would you want these to display or can you help by suggesting where they could be sent so they could be preserved.
    We do not want payment, just a good home for them.

  4. Hallo barry I wander if you know if the marconi benevolent is still up and running as I’ve been asked by a old marconi widow who ‘s husband worked in new Street all his life and remembered people getting financial help a few years ago.

  5. Im looking for a friend an ex employer, his name is Peter flannigan.
    If you kindly help trace him, that shall be highly appreciated.

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