There have been many links published over the years both on this web site and in the annual newsletters so here is an attempt to list them all in one place.

If anyone knows of  sites that may be of interest to other Veterans we would be happy to publish them here.

Marconi Heritage Group

Marconi Calling

Royal Signals Museum Blandford Camp

The Wireless College, Colwyn Bay

Bawdsey Radar Group

Marconi Old Geezers (MOGS)

Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society (CARS)

Defence Electronics History Society

Marconi Marine

Stow Maries Aerodrome

Austrian Amateur Radio

Fort Perch Rock & Military Museum

Sandford Mill:Science for Schools & Industrial Heritage

BBC Essex: Chelmsford Museum extension:

Chain Home Radar Station, Lincolnshire:

Chelmsford Calling:

2MT Writtle – a book by Tim Wander:

Marconi Apprentices Association, Amateur Radio G3JTW:

Boffins TV:

Marconi Oldfellows (MOFS):

Essex CW Amateur Radio Club:

Alexandra Palace Television Society:

The Radio Officers’ Association:

Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera:

Chelmsford War Memorial:

Martin Bates history site:

The Marconi Monument, Needles, Isle of Wight

RAF Air Defence Radar Museum, Neatishead

Lizard Marconi Radio Station

The GEC archives: