Membership Criteria

In 2004, with amendments in 2007, the membership requirements have been changed by the committee to reflect the changes in the various operating units since the break up of GEC Marconi and the fact that many people do not remain with one employer throughout their working life.

The following membership rules are extracted from the Constitution of the Marconi Veterans Association dated 14 April 2007


Membership of the Association shall be open to any person who satisfies the following qualification requirements: –

(a)    Has a total of 21 years service or such lesser term as may be determined in General Meeting.

All service in the employment of Marconi Electronic Systems Limited* or any of its existing or former subsidiaries or managed companies, hereinafter referred to as the MES Group, including those companies where MES or a member company of the MES Group has, or had, at least a 30% interest, shall count towards eligibility.  Such service need not be continuous.

Service in a company that subsequently becomes a member of the MES Group shall also count towards eligibility provided that the person is employed by their joining Company at the time of change to the MES Group and remains employed for at least one year thereafter.  The calculation of service prior to their Company joining the MES Group will only count from the last break in service with that Company before its joining the MES Group.

Service in a company that subsequently leaves the MES Group shall also count towards eligibility provided that the person is employed by that Company at the time of leaving and has been employed by a company within the MES Group for at least one year beforehand. Service will only count to the next break in service with that Company.

Each application for membership shall be considered by the Membership Review Committee and any question of interpretation arising out of the foregoing shall be determined by that Committee whose decision shall be final. The Membership Review Committee may decline to accept any application for membership of the Association without the need to give a reason.
Applicants who do not meet the length of service currently required will have their names placed on a list for subsequent reconsideration by the Membership Review Committee should the length of service period be reduced in GM.

(b)    Has served for a significant period in the MES Group with the remainder of the qualifying period in a company or companies which, in the opinion of the Membership Review Committee, is/are acceptable to justify admission to Membership of the Association.

(c)    Has completed the application procedures required by the Membership Review Committee.

(d)    Has paid the relevant subscription and joining fee, if any.

* Previously called GEC-Marconi Limited; The Marconi Company Limited; Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Company Limited; Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company Limited and at the date of the adoption of this Constitution called BAE Systems Electronics Limited.

Every Veteran having Membership of the Association shall be entitled to attend and vote at every GM and be eligible to serve on the Committee.

Any Veteran’s membership may be terminated for a fair and proper reason by a two-thirds majority of all Committee Members present and voting, provided that the individual Veteran is informed of the reason and given the right to be heard by the Committee, accompanied by a fellow Veteran, before a final decision is made. An appeal against the decision may be made to a GM if the individual concerned requests this in writing to the Chairman or Secretary within 14 days of such decision.

The Committee may from time to time recommend at a GM that a Veteran, or a non-Veteran, who has rendered outstanding service to the Association or the Objects of the Association be elected an Honorary Life Member of the Association.

Addition to “DEFINITIONS”

Managed Companies    A company managerially controlled by Marconi Electronic Systems Limited and not being its subsidiary.  A managed company may, or may not, be an employing company.

Under the constitution, the object of the Marconi Veterans Association is to perpetuate the friendship and cordiality of Marconi Veterans as engendered by Guglielmo Marconi.  In furtherance of this end the Committee has created Friends of Marconi Veterans for those who do not meet the full membership criteria listed above.

Anyone, whether or not they are an employee or ex employee of any of the organisations mentioned above and irrespective of length of service, may be become a Friend of the Association on payment of the annual subscription of £3.  For this fee the Friend will receive the annual Newsletter and other communications that may from time to time be issued and be entitled to attend the annual reunion but not to wear the regalia or to vote at the AGM held during the reunion.

If you feel that you qualify for membership of the Association as a Veteran, or wish to become a Friend, please contact us by e-mail giving brief details of your service (if applicable), address and telephone number (please refer to our statement regarding Data Protection). E-mail should be sent to

2 Replies to “Membership Criteria”

  1. This may be the wrong place to make an initial contact with you but it is the only one I can find.

    I was an apprentice at MWT from 1955 until 1960 and subsequently employed in Marconi Communications until 1970 or thereabouts, latterly as Marketing Manager of the Communications Division.

    I only recently became aware of this web site and, in my old age, it seemed exciting to read the newsletters.

    I live in Boston, USA, and would certainly be interested to meet up with any other emebers in the area.

    Please let me know if I would be welcome as a member!

    Best wishes,

    David Steadman

  2. I have only just discovered the existence of Marconi veterans. I would like to join. I was with MRSL from 1975 to 1988, in the field services dept.
    My home address is “Ty Dwr market street, knighton powys, LD 7 1EY”
    I am now retired.
    Also, I was with Metropolitan vickers from 1954 to 1960, before they be me GEC

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