Newsletter 2012

Airadio people make money

Eric Walker

I seem to remember that somebody requested anecdotes about MWT which may be used in a booklet. Here is one that might perhaps cause a ripple or two…

At the time when FN Sutherland (Francis Neil) was General Manager, the top man, Airadio staff were at Basildon. I had occasion to go New Street to discuss where our products were to be manufactured. Green Satin and Blue silk were made at New Street but, because the new designs were small, it was agreed they would be made at Basildon.

Hearing of my visit ‘Suthy’ invited me to join his lunch-table among his senior managers. There was some banter between the New Street managers about my presence, a stranger.

Suthy sensed this and he thumped on the table and said ‘Gentlemen, as I see it I have two parts of my business – the Airadio people who make money, and the rest of you, who don’t!’

The lunch continued, with some red faces.