Newsletter 2002

Number 4
December 2001

Welcome to Newsletter number four. This is being compiled in the month of October. By the time it is finished, the Marconi share price at 18p is likely to be down to 15p and the Company ripe and ready for a takeover. What has gone wrong? You might well ask since one year ago the price of each share was 212.40. How is it possible for a Company which boasted many firsts over the years and had thousands of loyal employees could go down so quickly. Management and organisation skills appear to have vanished and now the once famous Company has been brought down to the lowest level in its history after over 100 years of existence.
A sad sad story and very worrying for those still employed under the name of Marconi plc. Let us hope that the future for them will be OK. However nobody can erase the name of Marconi and its past achievements. Companies may come and go but the name lives on and it is the intention of Marconi Veterans to continue as long as is possible.

In Memoriam

We report the deaths of the following Veterans and extend our sympathy to the families of those mentioned.

W E Ashdown
L J T Bellamy
J Bennett
H E Butt
J M Ginn
Dr. G Grisdale
K G Hodge
F J Martin
J R Pigram
F J Swain
A F Ward
P L Williams

This list was up to date December 2001 and was published in the December 2001 newsletter.