Marconi Instruments

We have received a request from a university student who is involved in building a Radio-Frequency (RF) Laboratory at the University. He has received some Marconi Instruments as a donation from an old research project but did not receive the instruction manuals.

If anyone knows of manuals that might be available or has any information as to where manuals might be obtained we would be pleased to hear from you.

6460 6460

Marconi Instruments SANDERS DIVISION TFT Power Meter type 6460

Marconi Instruments SANDERS DIVISION Slotted waveguide section type 60148

Marconi Instruments SANDERS DIVISION Universal Probe Carriage type 6010

In Memoriam

We regret to report the deaths of the following Veterans and extend our sympathy to the families of those mentioned.

Alan R Alderson1963
William (Bill) J Blackburn1965
Billy (Bill) O Cooke1935
David A French1968
David A Hills1959
John R Mark1956
Victor (Vic) Olley1953
Robert (Bob) G Prior1968
Roy A Wellsteed1952
Miss Joan P Wigley1937

This list was correct on 23 January 2017 and supersedes the list published on 01 December 2016

We have intentionally kept this page as simple as possible and provide minimal details of the deceased.  However, where we have biographical details of a person and/or funeral details these will be published under the Notices tab above.

At the request of some Veterans we have included Given names where these are known to us.

Elettra III

We have received the following information from Seth Muir in Seattle.  The pictures and drawings have been augmented by additional material from Marconi Marine 


My name is Seth Muir and I’m the Executive Director of Salish Sea Expeditions, a Seattle Washington USA based non-profit charity. For 20 years we have been engaging middle and high school students, primarily from public schools, in science research and maritime skills programs on Puget Sound aboard a 61′ sailing research vessel.

I’m writing because in 2015 we purchased the M/V Elettra III (o/n 694607; BRIT304285) from a private owner here in Seattle. We have begun to retro-fit and plan to relaunch her as our region’s first science and marine technology laboratory and research vessel for kids.  We have made great progress and I thought you might be interested in our exciting new plan for this historic vessel built to Lloyd’s class for the Marconi Company.

Some materials about our progress (including the Act of Congress we received) and the campaign underway to relaunch Elettra III as a student lab can be found here. I also recently won a prize pitching this idea, and a short video can be seen here which tells the story and highlights our plans.

If this is of interest at all to you, I’d love to talk more. If you ever happen to be in this area we’d love to show you around and might have some original equipment coming off the boat that could be of interest too.

My information is all below, and I thank you for your interest.

The original order and the shipyard

The launch of Elettra III

Fitting out Elettra III

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7

Description of the vessel 1962

Plans of the vessel as built 1962


Elettra III from above 2016


On 2 August 2019 we received this further comment from Terry Hoyle

After the death this week of an old friend and ex Radio Officer, I was speaking to two other friends both, like me, ex Marconi Marine R/Os, about old times.  John Older’s name came-up.  John was once the R/O, Sales Engineer and Electronics Engineer aboard “Elettra III” when she was representing us around Europe in the ’60’s of last century.  I looked her up and BINGO, up popped this very interesting article. I hope others may see this and remember John, who died of the “Big C” when far too young. As you will see from this article, “Elettra III” is still afloat and in her latest guise might be deemed a fitting memorial to all “Marconi Men”.