Marconi in Television

We have received the following letter from David Samways who runs the Marconi Old-Fellows web site  The letter is self explanatory and if anyone can contribute via the “comments” facility below it will be much appreciated.  All comments will, of course, be forwarded to David. 

5th August 2012

To the Secretary of the Marconi Veterans Association

Dear Barry,

As you may remember I run a website for Marconi apprentices in the 1950s+ called the Marconi OldFellows.  This is going very well and is slowly creeping towards the 1970s.  However, now is the time to expand.

Fifty years ago Marconi was a formidable force in a number of areas and whilst there are still people alive and kicking I thought their experiences should be tapped without delay.  Based on the successful process taken by Alan Hartley-Smith and Ian Gillis in developing the Wiki for “Marconi in Radar” I plan to take the idea further by documenting other areas in which Marconi so deserved.

The next subject being addressed is “Marconi in Television” and, depending upon its success, other subjects will be added later such as Computers, Marine, Communications and so on.

With that background the progress to date has been:

  1. An interactive website has been set up to act as a data gathering tool.  This will operate like MOGS insofar as posts and comments can be made at any time across all time zones.  Members will have to be registered having indicated their brief credentials.  Most would probably be ex-Marconi employees but some could well be others from say television stations, museums, restorers and so on who had formed close relationships with Marconi equipment in the early days.  Tyre-kickers are not required.
  2. A Wiki-style history of “Marconi in Television” has commenced using the above source to generate its input

I am aware there has been much written and much available on the Internet about television but as I said the purpose of this project is to focus on Marconi’s role.

Would any members of the Marconi Veterans Association consider sharing their experiences, including anecdotes, and become part of the team to document the history of such a fine company that once employed us all?  If so, they can contact me, with a brief overview of their television-related experience, using the comments form below.  Looking forward to many responses!

Many thanks,

David Samways

Marconi OldFellow