Past President Stanley Church

StanChurchMBE2_rgbAWe are sad to report the death of our Past President Stan Church at the age of 96; he was our oldest veteran. He was president of the Marconi Veterans Association in 2003

Stan Church was a member of the Church family with many relatives who joined the Company when it was known as Marconis Wireless and Telegraph Company Limited.  Stan completed fifty years of Service and ended up as Manager Spares Department of Central Division of Marconi Communication Systems Limited.  When he joined Central Division it was under the Divisional Manager P.J. Donelly and later Gordon Williams who was then Divisional Manager Broadcasting Division of MCSL.

Stan lived in Well Lane Galleywood and as a very keen cyclist he cycled to work each day, first to Central Division at the HQ in Westway and latterly in Waterhouse Lane where the MCSL Company Development Labs were situated.  He was a member of the Chelmsford Cycling Action Group and also a member of the Essex Wildlife Trust.  He was a founder member of the local Group who opened the ponds between EEV and the railway embankment in Central Park Chelmsford naming them “The Marconi Ponds” where he spent a lot of time clearing the vegetation and making the ponds an ideal place for visitors to find wildlife and peace and quiet.

There will be a funeral service at Galleywood Parish Church on Wednesday, 23 July commencing at 1.30 pm followed by cremation at Chelmsford Crematorium at 2.30 pm.

Veteran Julien Ryley

We are sad to report that veteran Julien Ryley died last Sunday 29th June in Queens Hospital, Romford.  His funeral is at St. Thomas Church, Brentwood on Friday, July 11th at 12.15 p.m.