In our Time

Next Thursday, 4 July at 9.00 am, BBC Radio 4 will broadcast a programme in the series “In out Time” titled “The Invention of Radio”.  The trailer for this programme can be found at

This is one BBC series that is archived and is available as a Pod-cast if you are not able to listen live.

New Street site

This site will continue to be updated as new pictures or other information becomes available.

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The site on 21 February

Marconi_New_St_006 (3)

Update 3 April


Aerial view of the New Street site as it was on 5 May 2013.

marconi_5-5-13 (1)

Update 29 May


Update 5 June 2013


Update 13 June 2013.

The building between the 1912 building and the railway line that housed, among other things, the New Street gatehouse and connected to the 1912 building by a bridge has now been demolished.


Updates 19 June 2013 (twice)

The following pictures of Marconi house have been received from Tim Wander

Marconi_House_Demolition_078 Marconi_House_Demolition_10_127 Marconi_House_Demolition_10_045


Veterans Reunion – 14 April

There are still some places available for this year’s reunion on 14 April.  If any veteran wishes to come bookings can be made up to 10 am on 10 April by contacting the Sectretary by any of these methods

By telephone to 01268 696342, leave a message if there is no reply.

By e-mail to Secretary(at)marconi-veterans(dot)org

By post to:

22 Juliers Close
Canvey Island
SS8 7EP.

An application form for printing and posting can be downloaded by clicking here

Marconi Oldfellows

A new website has been launched to attempt to list those students who primarily
attended the Marconi / Mid-Essex Technical College Sandwich Course in the 1956 /
1957 timeframe.  Although most came from the then MWT Company some also came
from Marconi Instruments, Ferranti and probably others.  The website address is:

Many of these students then went to the various divisions of Marconi and their
sister organisations.  There has been, unknowingly to most including myself, a
lot of “keeping in touch” and hopefully this new website will encourage this

The Extraordinary life of an Ordinary man

We have received information about a book on the life of Harry Phare written by his grand daughter, Alison Trowell.

The main interest in this book for veterans is likely to be the chapter detailing Harry Phare’s time as a sea-going wireless telegraphist for the Marconi Company during the period 1903/4.   However, there are other chapters dealing with his later life and snippets that will appeal to boys of all ages, like the steam launches that Harry sailed around Torquay until well after the second world war.

More details of the book are in the flyer below.

The author has very kindly given a copy of this book to The Marconi Veterans Association.  This will eventually be passed to the chelmsford Industrial Museum at Sandford Mill for safe keeping with the other Marconi artefacts.  To mark the book’s receipt here is veteran Chris Gardiner formally presenting the book to our Chairman veteran Peter Turrall

Book Presentation


Photo CD

Last year a photo CD was produced of the New Street, Chelmsford site; this CD has been very successful with much interest being shown.  The CD is still available, please see the merchandise page.

A note from our secretary, Barry Powell regarding a new photo CD is included below.

At the Reunion & AGM, in April, I announced that we were looking to produce a second photo CD in time for the next Reunion.

This CD would be a collection of images from all areas of the Marconi Companies  -  an opportunity to collect together all the historic photographs and thus preserve them for posterity.

To date, I have not received any contributions. 

Please let me know if you have anything we could include  -  if it is a computer file please e-mail it to me with a short note explaining the contents

If I am to have it ready for the next Reunion, I need to have all the information by the end of September.

Many Thanks

Barry Powell

01268 696342  (please include CD in the subject line)

Radar Man with a Micro Mind

If you should see down the street
a man equipped with dipole feet,
a family of curves tagged on behind,
he’s a Radar Man with a micro mind.

His eyes take on a neon gleam,
his arms outstretch to a Yagi beam,
and with the passing of the years
he gets infinite impedance between his ears.

The Doc looked up from his microscope,
turned to his colleague and softly spoke,
“No trace of a brain can I say I find,
he’s a Radar Man with a micro mind”.

With thanks to Norman Gilbert, ex Marconi, Chelmsford for this contribution.