GEC Pensions

During his talk to the 2008 reunion on 12 April Robbie Robertson gave a brief outline of the changes that have taken place in the administration of the GEC 1972 Plan.  Of particular interest was the acquisition of the scheme by the Pension Corporation.

Robbie is now a member of the Pensions Consultative Committee (PCC).

Since his talk the government pensions regulator has issued a press release.  This can be read at

The report under Section 89 of the Pensions Act can be read at

In Memoriam

We regret to report the deaths of the following Veterans and extend our sympathy to the families of those mentioned.

P G Barnard
P B Helsdon
R Morfey
C Payne
C W Rand
E F Schellisch
J L Wells

This list was up to date on 17 April 2008 and supercedes the list published on 19 March 2008

Marconi First Day cover

At the annual reunion of the Association on 12 April 2008 we were handed an envelope by Irma Atterbury containing several historic documents relating to the Company.

One of the more interesting items, and certainly the most valuable, was this First Day Cover commemorating the centenary of the birth of Guglielmo Marconi.

Our thanks go to Irma for these gifts.  They will be kept safely and one day we hope it will be possible to display them appropriately.


For a larger picture please Click here

Charles Rand MBE

Marconi Veterans’ Association regrets to announce the death Charles Rand, MBE our Chairman and President for 2008.

Charles died on 10 April.

The funeral will be held at

St. Andrews Church,
Melbourne Avenue,
Chelmsford CM1 2JB

at 2 pm on Friday 18 April.