In Memoriam

We report the deaths of the following Veterans and extend our sympathy to the families of those mentioned.

D. Atkinson
M.H. Austin
D. Bailes
J.R. Barber
N.J. Beane
L. Bellamy
J.A. Blatchford
D.F. Bowers
D.W. Brown
D.W.C. Burling
E. Collicott
R.J.H. Carew
H. Carter
Mrs. E.D. Cartwright-Smith
W.G. Chapman
W. Chinnery
W.J.R. Clark
S. Collicot
R.H. Deighton
A.A. Desborough-Hunt
L.G. Edwards
J. Everard
J.F. Fagg
L.L. French
G. Frudd
R.A. Gale
C.D. Gildersleeves
A.E. Green
A. Greenslade
H.W. Hayward
C. Heasman
E.J. Heathman
S.H. Hudgell
L.A. Hooper
J.A.C. Jackson
G.L. Lang
K.C. Lanham
C.F. Mole
E. Newman
D.R.H. Oddy
W.E. Parker
S.L. Pettitt
T.D. Rainbird
C.W. Rich
Mrs. E.D. Rusby
L. Seymour
Mrs. G.M. Smiles
G. Stubbs
J. Swan
S.A. White
B. Wojick
A.H. Wood
J.E. Wright

This list was up to date January 2004 and was published in the January 2004 newsletter.