Marconi Heritage weekend, Clifden, Ireland

You will remember that we carried an article in the 2011 newsletter about the Marconi wireless station at Clifden, Connemara.  The Connemara Heritage Society have organised a commemorative Marconi event this year on 12 – 14 October.  The attachment below gives details and comes as you see with an invitation to as many Marconi Veterans as are able to go. It looks as if it will be a very good weekend but it would be good if some Marconi Veterans could make it.

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Writtle Calling : 2 Emma Toc

The radio station was set up in the grounds of Writtle College approximately 1 km from the site of the original 2MT broadcast in 1922.  Details of the station were published here on 1 August.  As will be seen the structure pays homage to the original Writtle hut and the early microphone with its cigar box mouthpiece.

The programme was broadcast for 1 1/2 hours each day between 11 and 18 September with a longer broadcast on Saturday 15 September.  The opening broadcast was given by Tim Wander giving a history of the early 2MT broadcasts and other broadcasts comprised readings, dramatic works, singing both solo and the Writtle voices, the Writtle All Saints bell ringers and music.  As can be seen from the photographs the action took place on an open stage so that it could be treated as both a live performance for the audience present, (there was a significant audience on the Saturday), and also the broadcast for listeners.

Unfortunately, due to the limited antenna height the station’s range was only about 2km when receiving on a portable radio and about 5km with a good rooftop antenna so the listener-ship was very limited and could not be heard over large parts of Chelmsford.