Newsletter 2009


Contributions still roll in, but ladies, where are you?

As you will see, there was more than enough material for this year’s edition, since we’ve had to run to fourteen pages, which is very good news, but where are the contributions from you ladies? Only three in the 2006 edition, my first, and none since. And you’ll note that there has been a predominantly engineering bias in all four editions that I’ve edited. Fair enough perhaps, we were an engineering company, but others who were not engineers must have amusing tales, hairy experiences or fond memories to share. So come on folks, let’s provide a bit of counterbalance to the engineers!

At places throughout this issue are references to web addresses where further information about the topic can be found. Apologies to those of you who don’t have access to the internet, but if you can’t get to a library, or have family and friends to help out, then get in touch with me. Subject to negotiation, and so long as I’m not inundated with requests for reams of material, I’m happy to post out hard copies.

May I draw your attention to a special service taking place on the 26th April 2009 in Chelmsford Cathedral. The plaque which commemorates the seventeen employees who died when a bomb fell on the New Street works on the 9th May 1941 has been re-erected in the cathedral and will be unveiled at this service.

Full details can be found in section 18 ‘The Marconi Memorial Plaque’