Newsletter 2011

Established Designs Group Christmas Dinner, 1964

Last year someone sent me three photos, which appear here, of the Established Designs Group, Comms Division, Writtle, Christmas Dinner, circa 1964, held in the Fox and Groom pub in Roxwell Road, Chelmsford. Unfortunately I have no record of the sender: they were scanned and returned last March. The backs of the pictures are annotated with only some of the names of the people in the shot and I’m assuming the reason for my having them was to appeal for names of the unknowns.

On the back of the left hand picture is written ‘Established Designs Group (HK/HDE) & Drawing Office, Communications Division Writtle, Christmas Dinner 1964(?), Horse & Groom, Roxwell Road, Chelmsford’. The names from left to right are:
John Gardner, Malcolm ?, Carole ?, Jack (Cave?), Bill Garvey, Eric Mosses, Maurice Brown, Arthur Wreford, Fred Turner, ?, ?

The middle picture appears to name only those not sitting at the table. It commences, presumably, with the two on the extreme left, the first only half in the frame: ?, Roy Rodwell. Far corner: Les Saunders, John Brown.
At rear (standing): Eric Mosses, Reg Whitelaw, Arthur Wreford.

The right hand picture of the three ladies, clearly not taken at the dinner in the pub, lists Carole, Caroline (?), Janet Lodge.

No doubt there are a number of veterans who can contact me with a full list which I will publish in the 2012 edition. If the owner of the pictures would also like to contact me, I can make my humble apologies for losing his or her details.