Newsletter 2010



 Marconi Silver Band


Who remembers the Marconi Silver Band playing at a broadcast by the BBC of ‘Workers Playtime’ some time in the late ’40s This took place in the Girls Pavilion, later demolished to make way for Building 720 The photo belongs Bryant Prior of Hatfield Peverel: his father Vic, who worked in Packing, was a band member and is seen sitting in the rear row amongst the trombones, fifth from the right, face partly obscured.  Bryant only knew a handful of the members, and is not too sure, but thinks the trombonist second from the right on the same row is George Turner who may have worked with Vic in Packing.

Ken Clements recalls that only the last ten minutes of the show was actually broadcast, the programme material was being transmitted back to Broadcasting House by telephone landline which went down at the start of the show.

We’d be keen to hear from anyone who recognises any of the band members, or can remember any other amusing anecdotes or details of the programme, e.g. artists taking part etc.