Newsletter 2010


Design a coaster for the 2011 reunion

You will see on page 10 of this Newsletter that we are inviting contributions for the design of the coaster for 2011.  I do hope a number of you will put ideas forward for this.  Apart from it being the 75th anniversary of our reunions, it is also 100 years since one of our engineers, Campbell Swinton, elaborated on his ideas for ‘distant electric vision’ such as radar and television as we know it today.

Also 100 years ago, Marconi formed a new company called the Marconi Press Agency Limited.  This company was to be the flagship for all press and publicity activities of the parent company and introduced the famous illustrated journal entitled ‘The Marconigraph’.  This was the first journal in the world to deal exclusively with wireless matters and two years later, its title was changed to ‘Wireless World’ – a magazine which is still going today although under the auspices of another organisation.

100 years ago plans were drawn up for an improved factory complex on the site of a cricket ground used by the Chelmsford Church Institute in New Street.  The Church Commissioners were the owners and final negotiations were completed in 1911 ready for the construction of the complex in 1912, recently vacated by a Marconi unit and now up for sale again.

Peter Turrall, Chairman, MVA